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Zumbiel Packaging

"Energy buyers call me daily, but no one is able to touch the pricing provided by The Utilities Group, because TUG bundles their clients' energy loads and buys large amounts. And TUG packages information in a variety of ways to help us better understand the utility market."

Rick Preston
Purchasing Manager
Zumbiel Packaging

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

"Our work with The Utilities Group has lowered our utility costs by more than a million dollars in the past few years. TUG has a great relationship and reputation among its energy suppliers. Coupled with the shear volume of energy loads they represent, TUG can collectively leverage great prices for its clients."

Mark Fisher
Senior Director
Facilities, Planning & Sustainability
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

JTM Food Group

"At JTM Food Group, we focus on what we do best--produce the best food products in the country. We hired The Utilities Group to do what they do best--negotiate and purchase our utility futures and manage our energy program."

Joe Maas
VP of Operations
JTM Food Group


Budget and Risk Management

Energy cost is a product of usage and price. Unexpected fluctuations in either can take a budget off course quickly. We negotiate energy contracts (fixed price, block and index, market rate) based on budget certainty and risk tolerance guidelines that you establish. We evaluate your historical usage, provide consulting solutions to reduce usage where possible, and work with you to establish a realistic usage forecast for the upcoming term. In short, we work to keep your energy costs as low as possible while ensuring that realistic energy budgets are set and met.

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